Great Big Rainbow World:
About the Show

If you’re looking for a unique and captivating representation of LGBTQ+ identity in the arts, Great Big Rainbow World: The Musical (GBRW) is changing how we see queer women both on stage and behind the scenes. Featuring a majority LGBTQ+ cast and crew, GBRW is unlike any production the theater world has ever seen.

GBRW follows the journey of a young woman named Katie who enters college naive, alone and eager to find her true self. By chance, she discovers rugby and joins the fictional Upper Midwest University Cougar Women’s Rugby team on their march to the national championship.

Along the way, she experiences first love, first heartbreak, the power of chosen families, and the sense of belonging the Great Big Rainbow World has to offer us all if we’re brave enough to lead with love.

Featuring songs such as “Lesbian,” “Minneapolis,” “Ladies’ Night,” “Out With Me,” and the title song “Great Big Rainbow World," the musical aims to bring the experiences of queer women to the stage in an authentic, inclusive and celebratory way.

Sarah Julius, writer, composer and producer of GBRW, sought to tell her own story of self discovery through her college rugby community while creating a space for various LGBTQ+ experiences to be seen and heard.

GBRW was originally slated to have its world premiere at Gremlin Theatre in St. Paul, MN from June 6-28, 2020 but due to COVID-19, the world premiere is being rescheduled (again) to June 2022. Details to come once everything is finalized.