Katja Schatte (she/her)

Katja Schatte


Web Wizard

It's been a fantastic experience and a huge honor to build the online presence for such an exciting project! Seeing women's and nonbinary voices tell their stories on stage is not nearly as common as it should be, and I hope that this website will help spread the word.

Katja is a web developer, copy writer & editor, and English/German/Spanish translator/interpreter at Letters & Bytes. In true Millennial fashion, she likes to scour the internet for exciting new opportunities. Designing, building, and maintaining the online presence for Great Big Rainbow World has been her biggest web development project yet, and she has enjoyed every moment of it.

In addition to her work as a web and word wizard, Katja is currently completing her PhD in history at the University of Washington. In her previous life, she studied and worked in the fields of social work and education.